Why You Should Stop Shaving and Opt For Laser Hair Removal Instead


Dealing with unwanted hair can be a real hassle for anyone in Singapore. Traditional methods like shaving or waxing are time consuming, inconvenient and sometimes problematic. A better solution is intense pulsed light, or IPL, treatments through a clinic. These are laser treatments. Here are the reasons you should stop shaving and opt for laser hair removal instead.

Prevent Many Problems Associated With Shaving 

Shaving or waxing can cause a number of problems with your skin and body. One of the largest problems is that you can unintentionally cut yourself while shaving. This can lead to painful cuts that bleed for some time and heal slowly leaving you with an unattractive complexion. Another common problem in Singapore is that shaving can sometimes lead to ingrown hairs that are painful and difficult to deal with. Laser hair removal techniques eliminate these potential problems completely.

Procedures Are Fast and Painless 

It can take some time to shave all the areas of your body that you need to achieve smooth skin. You could be relaxing or doing something enjoyable in Singapore during the time you set aside to wax or shave. Waxing can take some time since it is an involved process requiring many steps. Both techniques can also be painful. IPL hair removal is fast and painless. You can often get hair removed from an area during a lunch break. The sensation is nothing more than brief pinching.

Exceptional Results and Smoothness 

Shaving and waxing can often leave you with patches of skin where there is still stubble or hair. It can take a very long time to get rid of all the hairs using those conventional techniques in Singapore. A major benefit of laser hair removal is that you will see exceptional results after just one or two treatments. This is because the IPL system removes hair from the follicle up. This leaves you with skin that is smooth, attractive and free from any hairs.

It Could Permanently Remove Unwanted Hairs 

Something everyone knows is that waxing and shaving your skin is only a temporary measure to remove hair. All of the hair will grow back at some point. If you get IPL hair removal done in Singapore, then you could be left with permanently smooth and hairless skin after several treatments. This is the result of the IPL system destroying the follicles. This removes the mechanisms necessary for hair to regrow at all. You might never have to worry about removing unwanted hairs again.

Save Money over Time 

You need to perform shaving or waxing on a regular basis. This means you will be required to buy new razors, creams and waxing kits frequently. That can get expensive over the years. Laser hair removal can save you money over time. You will be spending less on an annual basis on hair removal. You could also save a large amount if the hair permanently stops growing.

Getting rid of the hair you do not want on your body does not have to be a major ordeal. You can utilise the latest technologies and practises to greatly simplify the process. Professionals can get the job done fast. Laser hair removal is a far more effective and convenient option than waxing or shaving.

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