What Causes Red Eye?

A red eye is an eye that is red with bloodshot eyes. A red eye also refers to a blood vessel that is broken on the sclera. Red eyes crop up after the surface of the eye’s blood vessels expand. When an eye is said to be red, the ‘white’ part of it looks like its red as a result of enlarged blood vessels.

Allergy, common eye infections, over-using of lenses and eye fatigue are the main causes of the red eye complications. Red eye problems can sometimes be signs and symptoms of serious eye diseases such as glaucoma which are very deadly. People are always advised to visit a good eye specialist clinic whenever they have any red eye problems. An eye specialist will always give the right diagnosis and the right treatment to a patient with the condition.

The Common Causes of Red Eyes

• Smoking and alcohol consumption – smoking poses a great danger to the eyes. Research has revealed that the most active ingredient in cigarettes causes the dilation of the blood vessels that are at the surface of the eye. Cigarette smoke is also very harmful to the eye and that it can cause problems of red eye.

• Eye injury- any form of injury to the eye can lead to bloodshot problems to the eye. The injuries might be from chemical burns, deep wound or even minor eye scratches. The injury causes the blood vessels of the eye to allow more blood to flow to the injured site and hence causing the red eye problem.

visit a good eye specialist clinic

• Long working hour with a computer- staring at a computer screen for a long time causes the surface of the eyes to dry faster and hence causing the redness to the eye.

• The contact lenses- continued wearing of the contact lenses causes pain to the surface of the eyes and the redness of the eye.
Since the treatment of red eyes is not the same, people should visit an eye specialist clinic anytime they develop red eye problems.

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