Ways to Remove Pesky Unwanted Hair From Your Body

As humans, we naturally have hair all over our bodies. In fact, hair is on every surface of our bodies except for the bottoms of our feet and the palms of our hands. Some unfortunate women tend to have an extra smattering of this body hair.

If you are a woman who wants to have smoother and softer skin without that unwanted hair, this is your article. Here are the tactics that you’ll need to start trying.


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1. Bleaching

Bleaching does not actually get rid of unwanted hair. Instead, it simply lightens the color of it so that it is less noticeable. After all, most people who want to get rid of extra hair on their bodies have hair that is dark in color. Bleaching is easy to do, but it can be a bit messy, and some people worry about the toxic chemicals in the bleaching cream.


2. Waxing

Waxing has been used for years to get rid of unwanted hair on the body. You can wax your own body hair at home or go to a professional beauty spa to get it down. It is slightly more costly to get it done at a salon, but doing this gives the advantage of not having to deal with the mess. Waxing is very effective, but it can be a bit messy.


D.I.Y wax hair removal

threading3. Threading

Threading is an ancient practice of hair removal that does not require the use of creams, serums, machines or goopy waxes. Literally all you need is a thread. Some people thread their own unwanted hair, but many people who use threading as a hair removal process prefer to go to a professional threader to get it down. Threading is mostly used for unwanted hair on the face.


4. Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams remove hair at their base but do not take hairs out by the roots. To use these creams, simply slather them on the area of skin where you have unwanted hair. Take care to always follow the directions on the packages. This ensures the safety of your skin and that the creams will work correctly. Set a timer for the time allotted and remove the cream hair remover along with your hair.


5. IPL Hair Removal in Singapore

In order to get rid of unwanted body hair, here is an effective product that may help you. The IPL Hair Removal in Singapore offers complex processes for getting rid of unwanted body hair. This centre can help you get rid of hair through a number of different avenues so that you never have to deal with the pesky hair removal process ever again. This is a great location to get permanent or long-lasting temporary hair removal done.


ipl hair removal

how IPL works


6. Shaving


Finally, if you are really in a jam and need something to get rid of unwanted body hair in a flash, there is always shaving. Doing this will help you to have smoother skin without the mess of hair removal creams or waxes. The only drawback to shaving is that it cuts off the hairs with blunt ends, and the grow back time will start immediately.

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