Top 5 Reasons to Get Nose Filler

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Injectable nose fillers are becoming a popular treatment in Singapore and around the world. They offer immediate results and involve less pain and expense than surgical rhinoplasty. Before you get nose fillers in Singapore, you should consider your desired results and assess whether nose fillers are right for you.


About the non surgical rhinoplasty


1. It’s Fast

One of the main selling points of injection rhinoplasty is that the procedure is quick and comparatively painless. It was originally referred to as the 5 Minute Nose Job, and this continues to be a draw for patients wary of undergoing a surgical procedure. To perform this type of rhinoplasty, doctors inject synthetic fillers into the areas of the nose in need of aesthetic correction. This improves the appearance of the nose without requiring an invasive procedure.


2. It’s Effective for Many Types of Noses

Many people are good candidates for nose fillers. Filler can be used to correct nasal humps and nasal deviations. Nose augmentation fillers are popular amongst people who have a flattened nasal bridge. Nose fillers for a sharper tip are available for people who have a bulbous or ill-defined nasal tip. Whether a patient wants a straighter profile or a raised bridge, injection rhinoplasty can be used to create an improved nose and greater facial harmony.




3. There Is No Downtime

Nose filler downtime is minimal. Many patients return to work directly after the procedure, and most report no side effects. Some people experience a small amount of swelling or bruising, but this is relatively rare. Patients who undergo this procedure should, however, avoid strenuous physical activity for several days after the injection is performed.


4. It’s Safe

Nose fillers aren’t a permanent solution to nasal irregularities, but they are a non-invasive and safe alternative to surgical rhinoplasty. Injection rhinoplasty does not affect the function of the nose, as it only alters the nasal skin tissues, rather than the physiologic structure of the nose. The filler tends to last from six months to two years, depending on the type of filler used.


5. It’s Precise

When nose enhancement fillers are injected, patients are able to see the immediate improvements in their nose. Because patients are awake throughout the treatment, they can offer feedback to the injector and achieve the desired results. In this regard, it is more precise than surgical rhinoplasty.

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