The Top 5 Skin Problems That Often Afflict Asian Women

Asian women, especially those who live in countries that are within the equator, are quite susceptible to a variety of skin problems. The tropical heat, as well as the often unpredictable weather, plays a role in the development of skin illnesses. Below are some of the skin problems that are notorious for causing too much trouble to a lot of Asian women. You should always look out for these problems so that you can have them treated before they get much worse.1
1. Acne – Most women suffer from this problem especially those who live in places that are plagued by too much humidity. Acnes usually occur when pores in the skin are clogged by oil, dirt, and other debris. To prevent acne from developing, you should always make sure that your skin is clean and moisturized.2

2. Mild Psoriasis – Women tend to be more susceptible to this problem compared to men. It’s defined by red and scaly patches in the skin. It’s more common to women who just gave birth or who are just going through menopause. Treatments for psoriasis include salicylic acid, prescription retinoids, and steroid-based creams.3

3. Melasma – What makes this problem worse is the fact that it often appears on the face. It can spread on the cheeks, forehead, chin, bridge of the nose, and the upper lip. For the best treatment for melasma, you should go and see a licensed dermatologist. Treatments may include taking medicines like hydroquinone or going through procedures like chemical peels, dermabrasion, and microdermabrasion.4

4. Eczema – This problem can lead to nasty blisters if it’s not addressed immediately. Unfortunately, there’s no effective cure for eczema. You just have to keep your skin clean to make sure that complications don’t occur.5

5. Sunburn – This is a very common problem for those who love the outdoors. Sometimes, you won’t feel your skin burning until the night or day after. The best way to prevent sunburn is to regularly wear sunscreen and lotion whenever you are exposed to the sun.
What you should know about skin illnesses is that they can have long-lasting damages if you don’t have them treated early. For instance, acnes that are allowed to linger for too long can leave permanent scars on your face. The same can be said about eczema and psoriasis. The general rule is that you should act immediately when you notice the first signs of a skin problem. Take care of your skin and treat illnesses that afflict it before these can cause further complications.

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