Sensitive Skin? 10 Body Scrubs You Need to Try

Finding body scrubs suitable for sensitive skin could be a challenge. Your delicate skin is most likely prone to dryness, burning, itching and redness. To avoid irritating the skin further, it is very important that you get the right one. Good body scrubs for the sensitive skin should be able to exfoliate with enzymes, meaning that it gently breaks down dead cells. They should also be able to remove cell without harming your skin.

If you’ve never exfoliated before, start with a once a week routine and see if you could progress to twice a week. To see how your body would react to a new body scrub product, try testing it on a small area of your skin. When exfoliating, perhaps it’s best that you rub instead of scrub by using a konjac sponge (dampened) or a classic washcloth. This way, you’ll reduce damages on your skin and avoid further irritation.

If you’re looking to buy body scrubs, consider trying these 10 body scrubs for sensitive skin:


  1. Claire Organics Suke Quto Anti-Cellulite Organic Coffee Scrub – Use this body scrub by Claire Organics (formulated with caffeine powder, essential oil, avocado oil and French sea salt) to remove dead cells away without irritating or reddening the skin.


  1. The Body Shop Spa of The World Dead Sea Salt Scrub – Use this body scrub by The Body Shop (formulated with sea salt from the Dead Sea) to fight age spots and dullness for a glowing, youthful looking effect.


  • Acca Kappa Virginia Rose Body Scrub – Use this body scrub by Acca Kappa (formulated with Mosqueta Rose oil, shea butter, grape seeds and sunflower oil) to buff away flakes and dirt gently.


  • H20+ Oasis Body Scrub – Use this body scrub by H20+ (formulated with Vitamin E and sea salts) to hydrate depleted skin and smooth red spots on the skin.


  • Clarins Smoothing Body Scrub For a New Skin – Use this body scrub by Clarins (formulated with extracts of shea and mimosa and natural bamboo powders) to cast off flaky, rough surface cells and dirt on the skin.


  • Yves Rocher PN2 Yellow Peach Body Scrub – Use this body scrub by Yves Rocher (formulated with peach seeds) to clean your skin from dead skin and impurities smoothly.


  • L’OCCITANE Aromachologie Revitalising Body Scrub –  Use this body scrub by L’OCCITANE (formulated with sugar crystals and essential oils) to wash away dead skin cells without hurting your sensitive skin.


  • Nature’s Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub – Use this body scrub by Nature’s Lab (formulated with gingko biloba and chamomile) to reduce swelling and refresh your skin.


  • FARCOM Mea Natura Olive Body Scrub – Use this body scrub by FARCOM (formulated with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and virgin olive oil) to stimulate your skin and remove dead skin cells.


  • Sephora Sugar Body Scrub – Use this body scrub by Sephora (formulated with apricot oil and raw sugar) to avoid extra poundage and eliminate dead skin cells.

When it comes to body scrubs, the trick is to find a middle ground between products; if the scrubs are too harsh for your skin, it will dry out your sensitive areas severely. If the scrubs are too gentle on your skin, it will not be effective. Not all body scrubs for the sensitive skin are formulated equally, though they have the same purpose, so try to experiment with different skincare regimen.

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