Relief and Rest from Skin Pigmentation in Singapore



Skin pigmentation is a common occurrence in many people. This is because it comes in various forms. You may have noticed a discolouration of your facial skin in different places, or maybe you have noticed tiny dark spots that have covered your nose or cheeks. You could be constantly embarrassed and feel like withdrawing from the world till you can figure out how to get rid of the patchy discolouration. To ease your mind is that the discolouration is not harmful beyond the point of your skin.


Here are a few things you can learn to get you looking and feeling better about yourself.


What It Is

It is a discolouration of the skin that occurs quite often on the face. This is how it is caused. When there is overproduction or underproduction of melanin on the skin, it causes these different shades of skin.




Your normal skin has a certain shade of colour. This shade of skin is caused by the amount of pigment, called melanin, you are predisposed to have. Different people have different shades of skin mostly because of their genetic influence. This hereditary factor makes some light and others dark.


How It Occurs

Melanin carries the function of giving your skin colour but that’s not all. It is also the powerful barrier that protects your skin from harmful UV rays. When your skin is exposed to too much sun, overproduction of melanin happens and this causes skin pigmentation. Producing melanin is your body’s way of trying to protect itself. Melanin overproduction is also triggered by certain hormone imbalances, especially in pregnant women or with those taking contraceptives.


The Different Forms

pigmentationThere are different types of facial pigmentation. The first is freckles and it occurs as small darks spots that are in one particular place like the cheeks or nose. Age spots, commonly known as acne, are similar to freckles. They are usually on spots the sun hits most and are brown, black or grey in colour. Melasma is the common type of pigmentation that mostly affects pregnant women because of their hormonal changes. It is seen as patches of brown or tan around the jaw line and central face. Vitiligo is another form that is caused by destruction of melanin producing cells called melancocytes. This causes light patches of skin instead.


Relief from Blemishes

Relief from skin blemishes is not far from you. Doctors at medical aesthetic in Singaporehave purposed to give you relief from your stress by getting advanced and up to date techniques and equipment to treat your skin blemishes. They consult with you giving you the best option for you. There are various available techniques used to deal with skin blemishes. One of them is fractional laser resurfacing treatment. This is a safe procedure that uses micro laser beams to target the affected skin while leaving the normal skin unaffected.


melanin laser treatment

melanin laser treatment


The medical aesthetic in Singapore also utilizes a safe and organic peel from made from sugarcane juice. This peel is set to reverse the blemishes on your skin, to give you a rejuvenated look from younger looking skin. Do not wallow in self pity but take the step to get help and walk out with your head held high once again.

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