Q-switched Laser Treatment for the Face Yields Dramatic Improvements for Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation


Facial hyperpigmentation is a common skin complaint that includes melasma, post-inflammatory acne scarring, sun spots or freckles caused by overexposure to the sun, and age spots often resulting from prior sun damage from years past. Regardless of the type or cause of hyperpigmentation, most people are desperate to be rid of these unsightly, dark, and uneven lesions, especially when they are present on the face. The challenge is that many available solutions don’t work or only yield minimal improvements.

Common treatment options include lightening skin creams, such as hydroquinone, chemical peels, microneedle skin resurfacing, and various laser treatments, all of which have varying results. Many find that professional skin care treatments done in a medical spa setting combined with targeted home-care treatments produce the most satisfactory and lasting results.

The path to finding effective solutions can be a difficult one, especially when addressing Fitzpatrick skin types III-V, which are prone to hyperpigmentation due to a higher melanin content, thus posing an increased risk for pigmentation disorders. Laser and light-based therapies, although highly effective, can be very risky for these darker skin types.

A reliable laser treatment solution for all skin types and recognized as the gold standard in the Singapore area for Asian skin in particular is a Q-switched YAG laser called RevLite. This laser treatment can safely treat darker skin, while eliminating even the most stubborn hyperpigmentation. The treatment causes minimal pain while yielding dramatic results.

Well-trained skincare professionals in the medical spa setting and their clients count on the RevLite laser in Singapore to achieve a beautiful, even skin tone that is free of dark spots, blemishes from scarring, and hyperpigmentation. For anyone yearning for flawless skin, the Revlite laser in Singapore may prove to be the best solution one can find. Not only does it eliminate dark spots and uneven skin tone, it also stimulates collagen production resulting in less wrinkling of the skin and tighter pores.


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