Preparing for Your First Botox Appointment



Preparing for your first Botox injection appointment can be a little unnerving, especially if you do not know what to expect. Your satisfaction and comfort level with the procedure will be higher if you are mentally prepared for the events that will unfold at the Botox clinic. In addition to confirming that your Botox injections will be administered by a certified professional, it is helpful to be aware of key terms and steps that your Botox provider will use prior to administering your injections.


Confirm that a Certified Professional will Administer the Botox

If you have not already checked your provider’s credentials, this is something that you should do prior to receiving your injections. In many cases, medical practitioners have their credentials hanging on the wall of their Botox clinic. If credentials are not visible, do not be afraid to ask your nurse, doctor or aesthetician to see proof of training or certification.


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Most Botox injections are administered by a medical doctor or registered nurse who has been certified to administer Botox. However, there has been an increase in the number of untrained individuals attempting to administer Botox injections. You should make sure to check your provider’s credentials to protect your health.


Familiarize Yourself with the Product and Key Terminology

Prior to and during the procedure, your Botox injector should explain the procedure to you and answer any questions that you have. It is helpful to know that Botox is typically stored in small bottles or vials which are kept refrigerated to preserve its effectiveness.


Botox is measured in units and each vial typically contains 100 units.

A syringe is used to withdraw the Botox from the vial and inject the Botox into the muscle. People with less visible wrinkles require a smaller number of units to see results while individuals with deeper wrinkles will likely require additional units. The cost of your Botox treatment will depend upon the number of units that you receive.


Know What to Expect Immediately Before the Injections

botox injection markBefore the injection of Botox begins, your nurse or doctor may ask you to smile, frown, raise your eyebrows, or to “make an angry face”. As you are altering your expressions, some providers may also make a few marks on your skin with a special pencil. Do not be alarmed by these steps, as they are undertaken to identify and mark the injection site for accuracy. The pencil marks are only temporary and are easy to remove with a little soap and water following your injections.

Additionally, your provider may apply some ice to your identified injection sites. The purpose of the ice is to numb the area in an effort to minimize the discomfort of the injections. The application of the ice may make your skin a bit pink, but the effect is short-term.


Final Thoughts

Being mentally prepared for your first Botox appointment will help increase your comfort level with the procedure. Familiarization with key terms and your provider’s background is helpful, as is knowledge of some of the preliminary steps that your nurse or doctor will take to help ensure the accuracy of your injections.



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