Perky Pair – 3 Fool-Proof Ways To Restore Firm Breasts After Breastfeeding

Women are often presented with a dilemma after childbirth and breastfeeding. The pair of once perky boobs has undergone drastic changes in appearance, size, and appeal. Fortunately, restoring firm breasts may no longer be a struggle for the female because an innovative process like the Macrolane breast fillers is effective to do just that. However, before taking on such step, there are natural ways to restore firm breasts.

3 Fool-Proof Ways To Restore Firm Breasts After Breastfeeding


  1. Wear a custom-fitted bra. The change in the breast size is inevitable after giving birth and more so after breastfeeding. You must know that muscles do not support the female breasts, it is the skin that actually does. Your breasts are enlarged during lactation and depleted when the baby consumes the milk. Naturally, the skin undergoes stretching. As a result, the female breast will droop. In order to counter the sagging, wearing a well-fitted bra is the best way to counter the pull of gravity. Your boobs are also lifted for proper circulation.
  1. Massaging the breasts regularly after breastfeeding is a proven technique to firm up the breasts. It is most effective after taking your bath. Apply a firming lotion and with gentle strokes, massage your bosom covering the entire area. If you find difficulty massaging it on your own, request your partner to do it for you. Be careful not to use hard-handed force when massaging. A tender, loving, care style is soothingly best.
  1. After breastfeeding, you can perform exercises to tighten deflated breasts and restore its firmness. The first target is to eliminate the excess fat which causes the breast skin to shrink. Next is to do some strength building exercises to push the breast tissues up. The exercise is certain to make your boobs look full and firm. Be sure to wear the appropriate sports bra during workouts. There is a risk that your ligaments may be damaged while doing the strength building exercises. So always do the exercises in good form and consume plenty of water to keep you hydrated. The breast skin is also hydrated in the process bringing it back to its normal elastic condition.


Breast health should be a major concern for women. Restoring firm breasts comes with the territory of motherhood and breastfeeding. The natural occurrence is sagging breast which if not given importance, can result in serious problems and an upsetting appearance for the female. Hold them high, keep them perky and preserve your breasts. Try these three suggestions to help you achieve just that.

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