Myopia Eye Disease Treatment in Singapore

In Myopia, objects which are close look clear and distinct, but objects which are at some distance from the eye appear blurred. Other names for this condition include nearsightedness and shortsightedness. It is actually a disorder of the eye’s ability to focus instead of a disease. It is defined as a refractive error where the eye cannot properly refract or bend the light as it enters the eye. The result is that the image does not focus directly on the retina but at some distance from it. People who are nearsighted have trouble seeing distant road signs which can make driving hazardous. They often squint and suffer from eye strain and headaches. A person with myopia can find some of the best eye doctors available to help them deal with the condition.

myopia in Singapore

The number of cases of myopia has increased in recent years. It is often estimated that up to 25 percent of all Americans are affected. However, the National Eye Institute or NEI has recently published a study stating that there are now 41.6 percent of the population affected as of 1999-2004. No one really knows why this increase has occurred but it is speculated that increased computer use may contribute to the condition. There is also a genetic component to myopia because if your parents are nearsighted you have a higher risk of developing the disorder.

If you have myopia in Singapore, you can get the best treatment available. Experienced eye care professionals such as an optometrist or an ophthalmologist can write a prescription for corrective lenses in glasses that will help you see well. They may also prescribe contact lenses which act as the first surface light reaches so that it is properly focused. Finally you may be able to change the cornea’s shape so that light is focused properly on the retina. This requires refractive surgery which is a permanent solution to nearsightedness. The most common type of refractive surgery is known as LASIK which is an acronym for laser assisted in situ keratomileusis.

Regardless of which corrective procedure you choose, it is important to have an eye doctor evaluate your vision as soon as possible. If you are a kid with myopia in Singapore you may be eligible for the latest breakthrough in treating myopia. This involves a drug that is derived from plants that acts on muscarinic receptors in the body. These atropine eye drops can reduce the progress of the condition by up to 60 percent!

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