Making the Most of Male Pattern Baldness

Male-Pattern-Baldness-Overland-Park-KSMale pattern baldness is not a subject most men are eager to discuss, but it really should be. The cold hard facts are that 85 percent of men will experience some degree of balding by the time they reach age 50. For the unlucky third of men who face it by the age of 35, it is even more serious. However, just because you experience baldness, it doesn’t have to define you. There are many ways that you can deal with baldness with dignity. Here is a look at some of the best ways that men can deal with baldness.
Hair-Loss-TreatmentsTry Treatment Options

In the past, there was no effective treatment method available to stop the balding process. Men of the past would rub all sorts of crazy things on their head to try and stop it, but none of them really worked. However, there are now real products available that can stop and even reverse baldness. Not every man will respond to these treatments, but it is worth trying both over-the-counter and prescription treatment products if you notice that you have a receding hairline.

man-styling-hairStyling Your Remaining Hair

If you suffer from a receding hairline, work with your stylist to find a haircut that looks good without drawing attention to your balding. Whatever you do, never succumb to the temptation to use a comb over hairstyle to try and cover it up. You won’t be fooling anyone, and it will look hideous. In general, it is best to go with shorter hairstyles when your hairline is receding. You can use styling products like a light pomade or clay that will give your hair volume and a fuller appearance.

man_wearing_stetsonThe Hat Dilemma

Some men look to hats to help them cover up the fact that they are balding. While it can be tempting, it is best to avoid this if you can resist it. This is especially true if you are in the dating world. There is nothing more embarrassing than meeting a new woman when you are wearing a hat, knowing that you will at some point have to see that look of disappointment in her eyes when you pull it off to reveal your baldness.

16-112813-why_men_go_baldEmbrace Your Baldness

By far, one of the bravest and best ways to deal with baldness is to simply embrace it. You can do this by shaving the remaining hair you have or using clippers to buzz it off. Either way, this look will say to the world that you are not ashamed of your male pattern baldness. In fact, you are a proud confident man who wants to show the world just how beautiful bald can be.

As you can see, there is nothing to be afraid of about losing your hair. Just remember that the vast majority of men will lose their hair at some point. The choice to go bald isn’t yours, but the decision to embrace the scenario with strength and dignity surely is. Take the situation into your own hands by meeting it head-on.

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