LOOKING GOOD – 4 Solutions to Male Pattern Baldness

Hair_LossIs going bald the trend nowadays? Men who sport shaved heads took that bold step to go all the way. Let us put baldness in perspective. The bald look will not instantly make you look hunk like Bruce Willis. It depends if you can carry it well and more so if you have head scars to hide. For men who may be experiencing hair loss problems, going bald is not the only solution. Receding hairline is the first symptom which is directly related to your genes and the male hormone. Good news is, there is a cure for male pattern baldness if you are looking for comfort.

INDICATIONS Genetics has a lot to do with male pattern baldness. It is also associated with ‘androgens’ which regulates hair growth in men. If your hairline is beginning to recede at the crown of your head and the letter M begins to form, chances are the male pattern baldness is already occurring. Most of the hair will be gone similar to the appearance of receding sea water after it hits the coastline.


  1. Wearing a wig is the expected option to conceal receding hairlines, give volume to thinning hair and completely cover the bald head. Seek out professional wig stylists who can advise you to choose the appropriate style, colors, and textures. Obviously, you would need to pick out the color of your original hair for that natural look.choose-toupees-men_de4f1c7e0f714855
  2. Hair weaves are similar to wigs but a bit more intricate to perform. If you have enough hair left, the hairpiece can be sewn into your natural hair. Compared to the wig, hair weaves stay glued to your head, even during your regular routines like bathing and sleeping.nathan-before-and-after-hair-transplant-melbourne-upd
  3. A hair transplant is an invasive procedure which removes hair on your scalp in areas that have active hair growth. They are then transplanted into the balding or thinner areas. Several sessions are required to complete the procedure with attendant risks like scarring and infection. While a hair transplant is an expensive hair treatment, your hair would look more natural. It is permanent too.rogaineshop_2269_9564798
  4. Minoxidil (Rogaine) is the well-known topical medication that can be applied to the scalp. It slows down hair loss and stimulates the hair follicles to grow new hair. The visible outcome will come about four months to a year. When the application is stopped, hair loss will ensue again. This momentary hair treatment may come with side effects like swelling and chest pains among others.

Do not despair even if it is hereditary in nature and that hair loss is irreversible. If your barber or hairstylist can no longer hide the hair loss with a haircut or hairstyle, perhaps the time is ripe to take a step towards hair treatment. Just keep in mind that there is a cure for male pattern baldness. In case you proceed with treatment, it does not make you less of a man.

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