How to Treat Tired, Puffy Eyes

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about dark under-eye circles. The broader subject of whether fatigue affects physical appearance is contentious as well. Though it is generally true that overall health is reflected in physical appearance, certain attributes are more or less permanent. Under-eye circles fall into this category.

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There are countless products promising to help reduce or completely erase the darkness that many people have under their eyes. It is somewhat true that the skin appears darker if one is especially tired or sick, but there is no way to fully eliminate the darkness. The discoloration is caused by the presence of blood vessels under the skin, which is incredibly thin in that area. It is not a mere flaw in the skin; it is the result of the internal structure of the face. Some creams or solutions can temporarily plump the skin to increase the distance between the blood vessels and the skin’s surface, but the results are too negligible to be worthwhile. People who are pale may have under-eye areas that seem unusually dark, but this is due largely to the contrast in colors. Applying concealer under the eyes and dusting the face with bronzer go a long way toward making one’s skin tone appear more even.

Puffy eyes are a bit of a different matter. Though people overestimate how much of their swelling will be affected by cosmetic products, there are measures that can be taken to minimize the swelling. Puffiness can be prevented in the first place by abstaining from alcohol and getting a good night’s sleep. Sleeping on a fluffy pillow and keeping the head elevated prevent fluid from pooling under the eyes. Staying hydrated keeps the skin uniformly plump, drawing less attention to the eye area.

There are several DIY ways to treat puffy eyes at home. The easiest method is to put some teaspoons in the refrigerator for a few minutes and then place the rounded parts right where the skin is being treated. The spoons should be held in place until they are no longer cool. The exposure to cold will tighten the skin and cause the water to be drawn away. Another method is to place slices of cucumbers over the eyes for about 15 minutes. This technique is a favorite among beauty fans because it makes them feel pampered. Cucumbers contain soothing enzymes that help reduce redness and swelling. Or you may also try out enjoyable treatment for puffy eyes at Prive Clinic.

Since caffeine restricts blood vessels and reduces water retention, tea bags may be used to treat both puffiness and, to a small extent, dark circles. Steeping and chilling the bags is time consuming, but the benefits are worth the effort. The results can be amplified even further by using green tea, which contains lots of skin-friendly antioxidants. Regular application of antioxidants around the eyes keeps the delicate skin fresh and youthful.

None of these methods are permanent, so to see long-term results, they have to be integrated into one’s regular beauty routine. Cold spoons, cucumbers and tea bags are all refreshing and good for the skin, so applying them once or twice a week would be a fun, energizing addition anyone’s regimen.

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