How to Prepare Your Skin for a Permanent Hair Removal Session

legs hair removalHaving hair removed permanently from your body can be an incredible convenience for anyone living in Singapore. You will not have to spend time each day shaving or managing hair on your body. There are now many treatment options available. Here are some ways to prepare your skin before a permanent hair removal session.


Stay Out Of the Sun As Much As Possible

An important way to prepare is to stay out of the sun as much as possible when walking around Singapore. You want to avoid getting a tan in the weeks before the session. A tan actually changes your skin in ways that are not helpful for removing hair. If the procedure involves using a laser, then a tan is going to make you more susceptible to complications such as discolouration. Stay out of strong sunlight or use a sunscreen when going out that has a protection factor of at least 15.


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Gently Shave the Area


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You want to gently shave the area where the hair removal will take place the day before going to the session. Use just a normal razor to shave. Do not use hair removal creams, waxing kits or other methods. You do not want to damage or remove the hair follicle from your skin before the treatment. Removing or damaging the follicle means the treatment will not permanently destroy it. This can cause the hair to grow back after the treatment. Shaving also removes excess hair that could make the treatment less effective.


Do Not Use Any Creams or Lotions

You want to stop using any creams or lotions on your skin around three to four days before undergoing permanent hair removal in Singapore. Many creams and lotions will leave a residue on your skin that can inhibit the functioning of a laser or chemical treatment. Washing your skin once is not often enough to remove oily creams or to restore your skin to a clear state. You want your skin to be as natural and clean as possible before going in for hair removal treatments.


Limit Risky Physical Activities

Try to limit risky physical activities during the week or two before your hair removal session. This includes playing sports or working in environments where your skin could be damaged. You are specifically trying to avoid getting cuts and bruises in the areas that will be treated. Although cuts and bruises are not necessarily a large issue, they can increase swelling afterwards or damage hair follicles in a specific location.


Clean Your Skin before Leaving

A final piece of advice is to clean your skin just before leaving for your appointment. There are many environmental contaminants in the air in Singapore. You need to use warm water and a clean towel to wash down your skin so that it is free from anything that could cause complications. This will also help to make the treatment more effective so that all of the hair is removed permanently.


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A good permanent hair removal session in Singapore can last for years or an entire lifetime. You want the treatment to go as smoothly as possible with few to no complications. You have to prepare your skin in the right way beforehand to get the best results.

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