Gorgeous Hair Secrets. 5 Celebrity Tips On Keeping Outrageously Beautiful Hair


For silky smooth hair, most Hollywood celebrities go for VIP hair treatments as they’re expected to be red carpet or paparazzi ready all the time. Luckily, you don’t have to get expensive treatments like them to get a healthy and radiant hair. Check out these five celebrity hair secrets you can start implementing today:1

  1. Use heat protectant for styling Regularly using hot tools to style your hair will lead to dryness, breakage and hair loss. With heat protectant offering extra protective layer, it will keep the color on your hair from fading and protect your hair from any potential damage caused by heat. Use any hair oil that serves as heat protectant when using curlers or straighteners.2
  2. Use the correct brush when brushing wet hair Your hair is most vulnerable to breakage if you brush your hair when it’s damp, especially if you’re using the wrong type of brush. Avoid brushing your hair when it’s too wet, and use hairbrushes with metal pins for gentler brushing.coveer
  3. Use hair mask For thorough restoration of your hair, deep conditioning your hair once a week is crucial. Use the right hair mask that is suitable for your hair type to combat chemical damage and damages caused by heat styling. Those who are pressed for time can apply some hair mask before working out and braid your hair in to allow the hair to absorb the nourishing ingredients while you work out. Clean your hair properly during shower.4
  4. Color your locks gradually Hair coloring can easily damage your hair if it’s not applied properly, or if you didn’t take enough time to color. Avoid dramatic color changes too often, and make sure you leave at least a year gap before you go for a new hair color to let your hair breathe.5
  5. Take hair vitamins You should never miss taking supplements, especially if you regularly process and heat-style your hair. By taking hair vitamins, your scalp will receive the nutrients it deserves in order to allow your hair to grow healthier, thicker, and faster. Consume vitamins that are hair-specific and address particular problems like dry strands, thinning hair, or oily scalp.

It’s easy to be jealous of celebrities since their hairs often look so flawless. But once you start using heat protectant, brushing your hair with the right brush, deep conditioning regularly, taking your time to color your hair, and taking hair vitamins often, the quality of your hair will be at par to that of your favorite celebrities!

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