Goodbye Hair Loss: Tips on How to Have a Longer Hair


Are you annoyed of the multiple strands that kept on falling every after you comb your hair? With each loss, you got more bothered of the possibility that nothing will be left. Because several companies Singapore invest in manufacturing hair products, it is one of the countries where you could seek an advice for.  So, to prevent your hair from falling off totally, here are some tips on how to take care of your hair:


  1. Keep Your Hair Clean

A dirty hair is prone to infection causing you hair to fall off. Many shampoos for hair loss in Singapore have gained favorable results. Make sure to choose the one that is proven effective and with quality. While shampooing, focus on the roots and scalp. Apply more conditioner on the ends of your hair strands because they dry and damage faster than the scalp.


  1. Live Healthy

Like any other parts of the body, hair is an indicator of one’s general health. For instance, if your hair is shiny, glowing, and healthy, then your general health is in good condition. Likewise, hair problems show that you might possibly have a health problem. Therefore, in order to obtain longer and stronger hair, start to live well. Eat foods that are rich in iron, calcium, zinc, and vitamin B. Consume those that are rich in protein like meat and fish. Lastly, drink as much water as you can.


  1. Say No to Hair-damaging Things

Though this is quite self-explanatory and obvious, you are needed to be reminded all over again.

–       Don’t wear styles that will cause too much pulling of your hair such as ponytails and braids. Pulling the hair so tight may cause it to remove from its roots. Would you sacrifice an everlasting hair with a permanently tight ponytail? Think again.

–       Don’t apply any chemical treatments or ‘herbals.’ As much as possible, avoid or lessen hot-oils, straightening, ironing, and styling.

–       Don’t dry your hair using a blower. It dries your scalp and damages the follicles of your hair more. Air dry is safer and more recommended. But if you are in a hurry and you need to dry your freshly bathe hair, just change the heat setting to its lowest.

–       Don’t rub or comb your hair too rough when it’s wet. It will cause the removal of hair strands from the roots.

–       Don’t make the pulling of hair a habit. You don’t know the harm that this simple behavior might cause. Be gentle to your hair. Don’t harm it.


  1. Natural is Better Though there are a lot of hair products for hair loss in Singapore, homemade natural treatments are still more affordable and available:

– Combine together a paste of curd, grounded and soaked fenugreek, curd, hibiscus flowers, egg, and gooseberries to create a paste. An hour before shampooing, apply the paste to your scalp and entire hair. Expect a stronger hair if you do this regularly.

– Using a tea or a lemon squeezed in water, wash your hair out and remove the dandruff.  – Apply almond or coconut oil on your scalp and leave it overnight before shampooing.


Hair loss can be prevented if you will start to take care of your hair now. Don’t take it for granted because you might regret the consequences of a poorly-cared hair.

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