How to Get Rid of Corrosion Using Aluminium Sacrificial Anode

In order to prevent or deter corrosion, the use of sacrificial anodes is highly recommended. This is especially true for the protection of ship hulls, pipelines, tanks, production platforms, and other metals. The sacrificial anode is relatively simple and is easy to install compared to alternative technologies such as impressed currents. Sacrificial anodes are made from a metal which has more negative electrochemical protection and more anodic surface than the metal it will protect.


How Aluminium Sacrificial Anode Works


The sacrificial anode works in the following way. After connecting the anode to the metal, the protected metal becomes cathodic and creates a galvanic cell when the current flows from the anode. The reaction will then be forwarded to the anode through oxidation and the anode is then consumed instead of the structure or protected metal. Sacrificial anodes are available in a variety of metals such as zinc, manganese, or aluminum. When deciding on the type of sacrificial anode the current capacity and the anode life are factors which should be considered. However, if you are a ship owner looking for the best product for your vessel, the aluminium sacrificial anode has many advantages.

Below is a list of advantages of using Aluminium sacrificial anodes:


  1. The aluminium anode is immune to coating and well-suited for use in seawater, brackish, fresh water, and marine muds. It lasts longer than zinc anodes of the same weight and can provide the same protection as zinc while being lighter in weight.
  2. The aluminium sacrificial anode provides more relative energy capacity than zinc and has good thermal and electrical conductivity. This provides more aggressive protection from corrosion.
  3. Most aluminium anodes are also cadmium-free, making it less hazardous to marine life. By using lesser hazardous materials, you are helping to protect our environment.
  4. Aluminium sacrificial anodes are more economical than zinc anodes and can work under a variety of environmental conditions resulting in fewer maintenance expenses. This allows you to protect against corrosion in a cost-effective way.

With proper installation, Aluminium sacrificial anodes will perform effectively. Just like any other anode, it is recommended that routine checks are performed and that the anodes are routinely replaced. This will prevent corrosion on your vessel as well as prevent any delays for your business. The right protection against corrosion means less stress, uninterrupted business operations, and peace of mind.

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