Fillers: Anti-Aging and Nose Shape Benefits



Facial Fillers and Anti-Aging


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Face filler can make you look younger

Facial filler treatments are becoming more widespread all around the planet. If you’re concerned about the aging process and want to keep your complexion looking young and smooth for as long as possible, then facial fillers may be a smart and effective option for you. Fillers can help keep the face looking full and youthful. They can also encourage the production of collagen. As people get older, the production of collagen starts to diminish. This generally happens when they reach 25 years in age or so.

Common Facial Filler Locations


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Common location of face fillers

People typically receive facial filler injections on their nasolabial folds (the noticeable ‘parenthesis’ lines that surround the mouth and nose), on drooping cheeks and below the eyes. Fillers injections are commonly even administered on the lips. Since peoples’ lips tend to thin out as they get older, fuller lips can often give people significantly younger appearances. If you’re interested in getting fillers for your face, ask an aesthetics specialist which specific treatments may be most suited to you.

About Nose Fillers



The Comparison before nose filler and after

Although facial fillers are commonly used to rejuvenate the face, their applications go beyond just that. People who are unhappy about the appearances of their noses sometimes depend on facial fillers. Nose fillers can be highly effective for making the nose bridge appear more elevated and defined. Nose fillers are capable of pushing the tip of the nose to the front and making it higher. People frequently refer to nose fillers as being non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures. If you want to change the appearance of your nose without having to go through surgery, then you may want to consider getting nose fillers. If you’ve ever wanted a ‘tall’ nose, then fillers may be a helpful solution.

Nose Fillers and Safety

If you’d like to change the look of your nose with fillers, you don’t have to worry about pain. Nose fillers consist of lidocaine, a local anesthetic that is capable of causing numbness of the injected sites. Although nose fillers are generally painless treatments, it’s essential for people to seek the approval of their doctors before proceeding with them. If you want to get nose fillers, talk to your doctor before you commit to any type of appointment.

Temporary Effects

Effects of nose fillers don’t last forever. That’s the main difference between nose fillers and classic nose jobs that require surgery. The results of nose fillers typically remain for anywhere between 1 and 2.5 years total. This varies based on the specific type of filler that was used, however. Some nose fillers produce longer results than others.

Aesthetic Clinics in Singapore

Finding an aesthetic clinic for nose fillers in Singapore generally isn’t a difficult task. Since dermal fillers (including nose fillers) are rather popular in Singapore, there are many dependable clinics throughout the nation that offer them. Never be rash or slapdash when it comes to selecting medical facilities.

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