Everything That You Can Expect From Laser Hair Removal Treatments


Having to shave every day can be a real hassle for both men and women in Singapore. Modern technology has provided a solution that can remove hair for months or even permanently. This technique uses lasers to achieve that goal. Here is everything that you can expect from laser treatments to remove hair.

How the Treatment Works 

This type of treatment in Singapore relies on using a specially attuned laser. The laser is set to interact with the pigment found in your hair. It works best on dark hairs. The laser will excite the pigment cells inside of the hair. This causes it to eventually vaporise completely from the root to the tip removing the hair.

How You Can Prepare For Treatment 

You need to prepare for a week or two in advance before the treatment. Start by not using any harsh lotions on your skin. Do not shave the areas to be treated. Avoid tanning. Stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible. You should also try to use only mild soaps on the day before the treatment. Taking these steps will make permanent hair removal in Singapore much more effective.

What Happens During the Procedure 

The first thing that happens during the procedure in Singapore is that the areas to be treated are thoroughly cleaned. The next step is sometimes to apply a numbing gel to your skin. You might have to wait about 30 minutes for the gel to start working. A trained professional will then flatten out an area of your skin, place the laser against it and activate the device for a second. This can cause you to feel a sharp tingling sensation. That process is repeated until all the hair is removed. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours depending on how much hair has to be removed.

Getting Multiple Treatments 

There are cases where some hair will be left behind after a treatment in Singapore. You might need to have multiple treatments to get the exact results you want. There is a chance you will need two to four treatments in total to get lasting and smooth results.

Recovering Afterwards 

You can return directly to your normal activities after a hair removal treatment. You still need to take a little extra caution with your skin. Do not expose treated areas to the sun for any length of time. Do not try to tan your skin in any way for a few weeks. You might see some slight redness although it will fade away quickly.

How Long the Results Last 

Exactly how long the results will last is different for each person. Some people in Singapore will experience permanent hair removal. Many people will see results for anywhere from six months to two years. You might also see a mix of results where some hair is permanently gone and other small patches grow back in a year or two.

Removing hair through laser treatments is fast, safe and effective. The treatment can be done on nearly any part of the body from your arms and legs to your upper lip. The long-term convenience that laser treatments provide when it comes to removing hair is well worth the effort.


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