Ending Undereye Circles – 3 Effective Non-Invasive Treatments to Get Rid of Dark Circles

It’s good enough that people see the fruit of your effort in the way you dress, the clothes you wear, and the house you live in. But if your hard work starts to show on your face, it’s a completely different story. Eye bags and dark circles can instantly add an extra ten years, and because no one wants to look older than they are, it’s only natural that a lot of people are constantly on the prowl for dark circle treatments that actually work. Contrary to what you might think, there are actually several non-invasive procedures you can avail of to effectively get rid of those unsightly dark circles. Tired of looking exhausted all the time? It’s time to bust those eye bags with these three effective methods.


  1. Tear Trough Procedure – Take a look in the mirror and it’s easy to see that there exists a depression under your eyes which takes on a darker tone than the rest of your skin. This is called your tear trough. As we age, these depressions get worse and often become darker in color, giving us the all too common eye bags. The tear trough procedure involves injecting dermal fillers into the depression, filling it out strategically and carefully shaping the deposited filler to adjust the topography of the areas under the eyes. Results are immediate and recovery period is fairly short, leaving clients looking younger, healthier, and much more well rested than ever before. skin-resurfacing-624x338
  2. Laser Resurfacing – Many of the treatments available through aesthetics clinics make use of lasers, and that’s because they’ve been proven highly effective and minimally invasive when it comes to treating different skin conditions. For under eye circles, laser resurfacing techniques are most common. The procedure involves directing a pulsating laser into the skin under the eyes in order to adjust the firmness of the skin and reduce the pigment of the dark circles. This is the most common treatment targeting dark undereye circles because of its high success rate and accessibility. under-eye-cream-1
  3. Under Eye Cream – For individuals who don’t mind waiting a while to see results and who really don’t want to have to go through needles and lasers, topical under eye creams prove to be a worthy alternative. Of course, not all creams and lotions work the same. Consult your dermatologist to find out more about your options so you can buy a product that will really work for your skin.

That perfect, youthful, and healthy glow is just an under eye treatment away. Try these amazing options and say goodbye to tired eyes for good!

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