Creating the Perfect Cat Eye


The cat eye liner makeup look is classic and bold. People have used it to create many different effects; dramatic, classy, stylish and cute. There are a few tricks to getting the cat eye liner makeup look down. The first thing to consider is using good products. Banila Co and Etude House have great eye primer, eye cream, eye shadow and mascara to use to create your cat eye beauty look. The 3 Concept Eyes eye liner has a perfect eye liner to use for making the cat eye.

Cleanse and Prime
It’s important when applying eye makeup of any kind to both cleanse, moisturize and prime your eyes. If makeup is on your lids, or they are dirty or oily your eye makeup won’t last as long as when it is applied to clean lids. Use an eye makeup remover to cleanse the lid and an eye cream to moisturize the lid. To apply eye primer take a small pea sized amount of a primer of your choice and dab it all over your eye lid.


Eye Shadow
For the best cat eye look use neutral coloured eye shadows. If you want the focus of your look to be on your cat eye liner you can’t have bold eye shadow because it will draw attention from your cat eye. Use a light cream eye shadow all over your eye lid by applying it with a soft eye shadow brush. Next use a firm eye shadow brush to sweep a light brown eye shadow into the crease of the eye to give the lid a light shape to it.

Eye Liner
For the perfect shape to your cat eye liner get a small piece of paper. Hold this paper at the side of your eye. Place the paper at the angle you desire for your cat eye line. Draw a line on your upper lash line with a black or dark coloured liquid liner. Then draw with the liner slightly along the edge of the paper, using it as a straightedge, but do not draw a long line. Draw maybe half a centimeter line or whatever you desire for the length of the edge of your cat eye. To set this line and to reduce the shine of the liquid liner in photographs, dab with a flat eye shadow brush an eye shadow of the same colour as the liquid liner you selected.


Last of all to finish your cat eye look you’ll want to give your lashes some effect. Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes before using mascara. Use a black mascara with a volume characteristic on your upper and lower lashes.


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