Could it Be Piles? – 5 Warning Signs of Hemorrhoids You Shouldn’t Ignore

Hemorrhoids, otherwise known as piles, are abnormally engorged blood vessels in and around the lower rectum and anal region. Aside from pain and discomfort, piles can also cause problems with bowel movement, as well as persistent itching which can interfere with daily functioning. In Singapore, piles has become a major issue, affecting up to 50% of individuals aged 30 years and older. Unfortunately, piles can also be an indication of other problems throughout the body. Do you have piles? Stay safe, healthy, and problem-free by keeping an eye out for these 5 warning signs of hemorrhoids.


  1. Itching Around the Anal Region – This is one of the most characteristic signs of piles because of the fact that it rarely occurs as a symptom of any other condition. Itching is caused by the irritation experienced in the affected region, especially if it’s just starting out. As time goes on and as the condition worsens, it’s likely that itching will be replaced completely by pain and discomfort. There are some creams and ointments that can help resolve the matter and ease the sensation.
  2. Fecal Leakage – When a person develops piles, it’s likely that the structures of the rectal and anal region become compromised. This makes them inefficient at performing their functions, one of which is maintaining a tight seal to prevent feces from leaking out. Aside from being uncomfortable, this also proves to be a sanitation problem for a lot of people. If you discover that there is some residual stool left on your underwear even without the urge, it’s possible that you might have piles.
  3. Problematic Bowel Movements – Another one of the most common issues that people with piles experience is problematic bowel movements. More often than not, pain will occur upon passing stool, but that’s not always the only problem. Sometimes, individuals with piles will find fresh, bright red blood in their stool, which indicates a problem with the structures closest to the opening of the anus.
  4. Abnormal Lumps Around the Anus – Piles is caused by a concentration of engorged vessels that are developed as a result of pressure or strain. The engorged blood vessels can bulge and form lumps, causing an abnormal terrain over the skin of the anal region. If you feel around your anus and palpate bulb-like growths, it’s possibly a result of the problematic blood vessels.
  5. Constant Urge – One of the things that people with hemorrhoids often complain of is the feeling of constantly having to pass stool. Often, this feeling is present even after just having gone to the toilet, making it very uncomfortable and frustrating for many individuals. It’s possible that the sensation is caused by the inefficiently closed anal sphincters that result from the problematic blood circulation.

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While piles can be very frustrating, uncomfortable, and painful, it is a self-limiting condition that can resolve on its own. But if you feel like you want to get the problem solved fast, you can get treatment for piles in Singapore through major hospitals or health clinics.

Stay safe and piles-free by keeping an eye out for these warning signs. Know when to see your doctor so you can act fast for easy and speedy resolution.

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