Christmas Gift Guide For Men

Christmas Gift Guide For Men

If you are looking for a thoughtful and useful gift for your father, brother, friend or significant other this holiday season, men’s skincare products are the answer. By purchasing quality products, you can help the men in your life overcome discomfort, look healthier and feel fresher. Use these suggestions as you begin your Christmas shopping.


Best After Shave For Men

To most women, the scent of after shave is just as attractive as a clean-shaven man. Although scent is a major factor in picking a product, it is also important to think about the ingredients in it. Choose a gentle product to avoid giving a man something that will irritate his skin after he shaves. The best after shave for men will contain a soothing ingredient. Research published by Academia shows that aloe is a soothing ingredient to use after shaving. If it also includes a moisturizer, you can be sure that he will love the way it feels.



Best Shampoo For Men

There is no single product that is hailed universally as the best shampoo for men. In most cases, the best shampoo depends on a man’s skin type and hair. Is his hair dry or oily? Does he have a dandruff problem or a sensitive scalp? A man with a sensitive scalp needs a gentle shampoo. However, men who have dandruff should use a regular shampoo and should wash their hair often. A health bulletin from the University of Michigan states that men who have dandruff often mistake it for dry skin and do not shampoo as often as they should. If you know a man who has dandruff, give him a good dandruff shampoo to use frequently.



Best Men’s Facial Wash

When it comes to facial wash for men, the options are not as plentiful as women’s options. The same rules for skin type apply when choosing a men’s facial wash productBeauty Schools of America recommends a foaming face wash for those who have oily skin. This helps break up and remove excess oil. For those with dry or sensitive skin, a creamy cleanser is better. Since using the wrong type of cleanser on his skin can cause further problems, make sure you know his skin type before you pick a facial wash.



Best Skin Care For Men

In addition to picking the previous products, you should give the special men in your life a quality body wash, body moisturizer and facial moisturizer. Make sure the body wash is designed for his skin type to avoid irritating it. The same rule applies with facial and body moisturizers. Make sure to pick light moisturizers for men with oily skin, and pick deeper moisturizers for men with mature, sensitive or dry skin.


With these simple tips, you can master the subject of skin care for men and pick presents that they will love. Give the gift of healthy skin this year with high-quality men’s skin care products.

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