Cheat Sheet for Staying Beautiful: Laser Treatment for Face

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Our bodies represent our physical existence or being. We all have our unique physical appearance that is singular in appearance unless you have an identical twin. The first thing someone else perceives when we spark a conversation with them is our face.

As we get older, our faces undergo a lot of rapid changes. Wrinkles are the most common of this changes and mostly occur on the forehead, fine lines materialize around the eyes and mouth and light scars from acne show, mostly around the cheek area. There’s an abundance of things we can do to get rid of this issues, among those things being laser skin resurfacing or, as in this case, laser treatment for the face.

Laser Treatments for Face


Laser treatment for the face is a modern type of beautification treatment. It works by directing small, focused beams of pulsating light at the uneven part of the skin using a skin laser. What this effectively does, is remove land separates layers of the skin to make it more even. The new layer that forms after healing becomes younger and firmer giving a more refreshed look. Skin lasers can also be used to penetrate layers of the skin.

There are two types of lasers mostly in use; erbium and carbon dioxide. The laser vaporizes damaged skin cells leaving the unfluctuating layer of the skin.

Suitability for laser treatment for face


Laser treatment addresses a broad category of skin care therapy. It is however highly not recommended for treatment of stretch marks. It can be used to treat wrinkles, facial scars, acne, lines, or sun blotches, just to name a few.

How to prepare for laser treatment


  1. Consult your dermatologist or a plastic surgeon to give you the go-ahead
  2. If they approve of it, you will be advised to stay off any form of supplements or medication that may alter your blood clotting process
  3. You should avoid smoking or excessive drinking for the treatment time frame
  4. Your doctor may also provide an antibiotic to ward off any bacterial infection and an antiviral if you’re susceptible to fever blisters or cold sores.

What to hope for



Laser treatment for the face is a complicated procedure that takes a skilled dermatologist or plastic surgeon to perform. The doctor numbs affected areas of the skin with an anesthetic or may choose to sedate the patient if the need arises. A full facial treatment takes about 2 hours and may be shorter if only applied to part of the face.

After the procedure, the treated areas are bandaged and require cleaning 4-5 times a day.An ointment may be applied to prevent scabs from appearing on the skin. Swelling is to be expected during the healing process and is normal after the operation. Sleeping with a superfluous pillow at night may help moderate the swelling.

After a week or less the skin becomes dry and peels of, this is foreseeable and is nothing out of the ordinary, before this, a stinging or itching sensation may be experienced. The treated skin becomes lighter after treatment for some time, and it is worthwhile to use broad-spectrum sunblock to prevent it from ultraviolet rays, during this period. It is important to ration your time in open sunlight and moisturize your face regularly to ease the healing process

Laser face treatment is an excellent way to give your skin that younger, smoother sensation. Its strength lies in its success rate and the sheer amount of conditions that can be treated using the same procedure. We recommend trying out Revlite laser in Singapore, with great medical aesthetics practices and surgeons that give you one of the best laser treatments in the world.

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