Cat-Eye Makeup- Getting It


To perfect cat eye makeup, you have to follow the following steps. First of all use tools you already know. 3 Concept eyes has this products, and you can of course buy it. Cat eye makeup is really good and trendy, and you can have it too. Drawing a line at angle is important is really the way to start off. Lower your eyelid to get a smooth line. You want to apply the eye liner with a feather touch.


So you need to have the right products. You can buy Banila Co in Singapore. Once you get the right products be sure to follow the right technique. The next thing maybe to create a triangle. This give the cat look. Then smooth out that area to meet the line. You’re on your way getting a cat eye look. You’ve got to make sure you get the flick right and make sure the line over the tear duct is thin. You’re then on your way to cat eye makeup which will look great. You want to use your smokey eyeshadow. You can use your lower lash-line as guidance for the angle of the wing. This will be great. Also, to make sure you have great products, Etude House products has them. You will now be on your way, and this is great.


Taupe eyeshadow is recommended as a guide and this is great for adding depth and dimension. So now you’re on your way and hopefully happy with what you are seeing. Hopefully these techniques are giving you a good guide to cat eye makeup which is a good and appealing look. Maybe you could you a sticky note on the outer corner of your eye- you want to make sure you have a good line! In any case, using the following tips- outlined above you will have a good product. Also make sure to purchase from products mentioned above and have what you need.


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