Caring For Your Skin Before, During and After Hair Removal Treatments


Hair in unwanted places is a problem for many people in Singapore. Shaving it away day after day can become a hassle. Fortunately, several different hair removal options are available. Here are some tips about caring for your skin before, during and after hair removal treatments.


Hydrate and Protect Your Skin at All Times 

You want to hydrate and protect your skin at all times. This is important before and after any hair removal treatments. You need use moisturiser on a daily basis to fight off damage from the sun and environmental hazards around Singapore. Protect your skin from damage with nourishing lotions. This is going to help prevent irritation and keep your pores clean.

Exfoliate Before Any Treatment 

You want to stop and exfoliate your skin before undergoing any hair removal treatments in Singapore. You can exfoliate in a variety of ways. You can use exfoliating creams, special scrubbers or exfoliating devices. You want to do this in order to remove all the dead skin and open up your pores. This also allows treatments to work more effectively since the hair follicles will become easily accessible. Exfoliate about a week before your treatment.

Limit Sun Exposure 

Be careful when walking around Singapore to limit your exposure to the sun. The light from the sun can actually damage your skin. It can make any hair on your body darker and more noticeable. Use sunscreen whenever you are outside. Avoid tanning. Do not use tanning beds since they can damage your skin as well. Wear protective clothes when spending long amounts of time in the sun.

Do Not Shave Before Professional Treatments 

A mistake many people make is to shave before heading to a clinic in Singapore for hair removal. The idea is that shaving will help in some way. The reality is that it can actually make treatments such intense pulsed light, or IPL, less effective. Many modern treatments require that there be some hair above the skin in order to work. Stop shaving at least two weeks before a treatment.

Opt For Professional Treatments at a Clinic 

You really want to opt for professional treatments at a clinic when you want hair removed. Do-it-yourself kits are not always effective and can actually be dangerous. One option is to have permanent hair removal in Singapore done so that you will not need to worry about anything in the future. You can schedule IPL hair removal that will do the job quickly and without any pain. Professional hair removal will help to protect your skin and your health.

Let Your Skin Breathe After Treatments 

It is important to let your skin breathe after hair removal treatments. This means not wearing any restrictive or tight clothing. You also want to avoid hot showers and saunas. The reason is that your skin could easily become very irritated in the days after hair removal is performed. You want to expose your skin to the air as much as possible for the first three or four days after a treatment.

How you treat your skin is going to affect the hair on your body. If you do not take care of your skin, then you might end up with a large amount of hair that is difficult to remove and highly visible. Use these tips to tend to your skin before and after professional hair removal treatments.


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