Beginner’s Guide to Laser Lipo Weight Loss: 4 Frequently Asked Questions

stubborn fatLiposuction is a rather common weight loss strategy designed for people who want to get rid of troublesome buildups of fat. Common target areas for fat removal include the arms, abdomen, love handles, chin, and thighs. The amount of fat that is removed from a target area is highly dependent on the patient, their weight, the amount of areas being treated, and so on. Any body type can benefit from liposuction. This is simply because any person, even if they are physically fit, can struggle with troublesome fat buildups. If you’re considering laser liposuction, these are 5 frequently asked questions that can settle any concerns you might have about the treatment.


liposuction1. What is Laser Liposuction?

Traditional liposuction and laser liposuction achieve similar results, but they are two very different procedures. The application of Laser lipo treatment uses a very safe local anaesthesia to keep the patient relaxed for the procedure. Additionally, a laser is used to turn fat into liquid for easy removal and suction. Overall, laser liposuction is a much more effective alternative in comparison to its original counterpart.


2. What is Laser Liposuction Used to Treat?

Any area that is susceptible to “trouble spots” can benefit from laser liposuction. The most common areas that doctors treat include the thighs, arms, abdomen, neck, and love handles. However, if your doctor issues an approval, you might be able to receive treatment on many other areas.


top 5 liposuction area


3. What is the Laser Liposuction Procedure Like?

When the doctor begins surgery, he/she will numb the area that will be treated. From there, small incisions will be made in natural folds and creases of the body in order to introduce the “infusion cannula.” The infusion cannula will continue to numb the area that will be treated. Next, a laser cannula is inserted into the targeted area, and it is used to liquefy the fat that will be extracted. A suction cannula is used to ultimately remove the fat. On a per session basis, it generally takes around 120-180 minutes to complete the procedure.

liposuction procedure


4. What Can I Expect After Laser Lipo Treatment?

The following 2-4 days after your procedure, you will likely feel significantly sore. However, after this time period passes, the discomfort will decrease. After 4 weeks, most of the discomfort will have subsided. You will only need to request 1 or 2 days off from work. You will likely only need prescription strength pain relief for the first 4 days after surgery. After that, Tylenol or Ibuprofen will suffice for pain management. If the surgery takes place on a Friday or earlier, you will be able to return to your job on Monday.


Your Next Steps

If you’re ready to see what laser lipo treatment can do for you, contact a Singapore aesthetics centre today. Don’t waste any more time jogging, doing sit-ups, or lifting weights to target the problem areas on your body. With laser liposuction, it’s finally possible to remove stubborn fat once and for all. For more information, contact us as soon as possible for your free consultation.

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