Beauty Guide: How to Get the Most Out of ‘No-Makeup’ Makeup

Beauty is not exactly in the eye of the beholder, but rather in the eye of many. Most women believe that beauty can be reached using makeup. But that makeup look is becoming more and more undesirable because it feels plastered on or artificial. People want something natural like Banila Co, which highlights natural beauty and nothing else.

How Does the No-Makeup Look Work?

The key is to purchase no-makeup makeup that will blend perfectly with your skin. The match between skin and makeup must be impeccable to get the best results. So ensure that the makeup is tested on your face under warm light, preferably at 3200 kalvin when you buy 3CE in Singapore.

This type of lighting is beautiful on most skin tones and exposes imperfections better as well as color tones that might be hard to decipher.

How Should This Type of Makeup Be Applied?

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Places like Etude House Korea understand just how crucial it is to ensure proper application so that the natural look is achieved. The first thing that has to be done before applying this type of makeup is cleaning the face. This does not mean that you should just do a simple rinse. It is better that you exfoliate your face before applying to remove any excess dead skin. Dead skin could cause improper application, makeup streaks, and other unnecessary irregularities.

Another important step that must be taken is moisturizing the skin. This is important to even out the tone of your skin as much as possible. It is better to use natural moisturizers like coconut oil or olive oil as oppose to commercially-made options.

The next issue that has to be resolved is any flaw that you might be dealing with. This could mean anything from noticeable breakouts to circles under the eye. You can use your favourite concealer to ensure that these types of flaws do not hinder the overall look of the no-makeup makeup look. What must be understood about no-makeup makeup is that it is somewhat transparent, which is why concealment is important.

It may be necessary that those who deal with oily skin might need to use oil-absorbing powder to remove any excess oil. You might have to deal with an unsightly glossy look, which is definitely not the best natural look.

The eyes and lips should also be detailed before the no-makeup makeup is applied. The definition that you add to your lips and eyes will help accentuate the natural look. Do not forget to add some eye shadow, too. Of course, highlighting your eyes before applying the no-makeup makeup is optional. The reason you have to do it before application is the makeup makes it hard to blend these products after it is applied and still maintain the natural look.

Perhaps, the most important aspect about attempting to use the no-makeup look is that your self-esteem should rise. The great thing about this look is that it accentuates nothing more than your natural beauty. This is completely different from traditional makeup, which attempts to dull one’s natural look.

Be sure that you are not afraid to ask questions regarding the makeup that you are considering to get the right makeup for your look.


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