All About Chemical Peels- What You Need To Know

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Reasons To Get A Chemical Peel

There are many different types of these chemical procedures. There are superficial or light peels, medium depth peels, and deep peels. The type of peel you use will determine how much skin is removed. Having a consultation with your doctor will help you determine which type of peel is best suited for your skin. Individuals have facial procedures done for various reasons. This procedure will help with most types of acne and produce smoother skin. The top five reasons people get a procedure done are:
1. They improve the texture of your skin.
2. They unclog your pores and clear up your skin.
3. They help your skin produce more collagen.
4. They improve any minor scarring you may have (including acne scars).
5. They reduce fine lines.

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Who can get a chemical peel?

Pretty much anybody can get this procedure done. However, there are some setbacks that some people may need to consider. If you are pregnant, nursing, or have been taking the medication Accutane recently than any chemical procedure is not for you unfortunately. But no worries, because you can still get one in the future after you are done nursing or taking Accutane. If you have darker skin you should practice caution with chemical procedures, because they can actually cause hyper pigmentation.

What To Do Before Your Procedure

Before you get your procedure done, tell your doctor about any medications you may be taking. After consulting with your doctor, be nice to your skin. Keep away from harsh exfoliators and tanning booths. The day of the procedure, there is a checklist that you should follow.
1. Set up a ride home if needed.
2. Don’t smoke (if you smoke).
3. If you have any prescribed medications or lotions prescribed by your doctor, take them before the procedure.

What To Do After Your Procedure

peeling skin for new skinTaking care of your skin after a facial chemical procedure is almost like an art. After your peel, your face will be red followed by some peeling skin. To get through the short after care stage, here are a few tips. First, buff your dry skin with a washcloth. Anything else will be too harsh for your skin. Second, apply moisturizer! And don’t stop at just once; apply multiple times throughout the day. In no time your peeling skin will turn into beautiful, soft, and glowing skin with few scarring and fine lines.

Are There Any Side Effects?

look beautiful after peeling skinLike any other procedure, these facial procedures come with some side effects. There is a chance of skin color change or scarring after the procedure is done. If you have a history with herpes, there is a chance of reactivating some cold sores. Facial procedures are a great way to show off your best skin, but you should always consult with your doctor about what is best for your health. Inform your doctor of your medical history and they will help you determine which peel, if any, are right for you.


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