A Brief Guide to Botox Jaw Reduction

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Botox jaw reduction is a procedure that aims to create a more “feminine” jaw line by decreasing the width of the face. A wide jaw is commonly associated with masculine features. This procedure shapes the jaw into a more rounded “v” shape, which gives the face a more youthful appearance. A face in this shape is typically considered ideal within the field of medical aesthetics.

This type of reduction can work to make you look younger because, as you age, your lower continues to grow. This process has nothing to do with wrinkles or sagging skin. Rather, the jaw itself seems to widen.




Therefore, botox can help restore your appearance to its more youthful version by re-shaping the jaw to look the way it used to. Botox jaw reduction can be used to reduce the jaw under a few different conditions.

First, if the muscle in the jaw is particularly enlarged, botox can be used to induce atrophy of the muscle. This is a much simpler method than older procedures, which actually shaved the muscle down. The reduction procedure can also work in cases where a wide jaw has been caused by fat, because it can help to dissolve that fat, thereby slimming down and rounding out the jaw.

masseter muscleSo how exactly does the procedure work? To begin with, your cosmetic surgeon will insert a needle into your masseter muscle. The injection will cause the masseter muscle to decrease, because it makes the muscle relax. When the muscle relaxes, it goes down. Right away, your jaw will look more rounded and youthful. These results should last for three to six months at a time. You may want to ask your cosmetic surgeon for more specific figures on this question, as all results will depend on the individual being treated. In any case, after your procedure is over, you will still be able to chew and smile, so there is no reason to worry that your daily activities will be interrupted. Since the procedure is completed with very small needles, you will experience minimal discomfort or no discomfort at all. The procedure takes hardly any time at all, often only five minutes, and you won’t feel drowsy afterwards.

How do you know if this procedure is right for you? Well, anyone with a wide jaw line is a good candidate for the procedure. Any time you consider cosmetic surgery, you should make sure to speak to a qualified professional about the procedure and whether it is a good choice for you.


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