8 Tips toward Healthy and Beautiful Hair


We are obsessed with our hair! It is what shapes our face, keeps our heads warm, and adds to our individuality and beauty. Thus, don’t take your hair for granted! Below, are some tips to help you get beautiful and healthy hair no matter what length it is!


1. Make sure to choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.
For fine and thin hair, look for a volumizing/thicking shampoo. For dry hair, look for hydrating ingredients like natural oils and products with silicone. For oily or dandruff hair, look for a oil-free shampoo. For thick and curly hair, avoid products with sulfates in them.

2. Shampoo Correctly!
Now that you’ve found the right products, make sure you apply them in the correct way too. Only apply and massage shampoo to your scalp. Apply conditioner to the lengths of the hair to give it more moisture.

3. Use protein hair treatments and oil treatments
There are various DIY home treatments for your hair. Mix one egg and one avocado together and leave it on your hair for 20 minutes before you shampoo and condition. They are filled with rich fatty acids and vitamins to enrich your hair. If you mix a egg with your shampoo, it will enhance the protein in o=your hair. Oil treatments such as coconut oil, honey, olive oil, grape-seed oil, and sandalwood oil are very simple to use. Just rub some on the ends of the hair and leave it. These oils will restore moisture to your hair without giving you a oil-hair look!


4. Don’t use a towel
After washing your hair, don’t wrap it in a towel. Instead, use a T-shirt. Towels cause friction, frizzing, and breakage. A T-shirt is much more gentle on your hair and will absorb the excess water just as well.

5. Stay away from the heat!
Avoid using hot tools on your hair regularly. They dry out and damage the hair. This also includes perms, dyes, bleaching, and highlighting hair. Always make sure to apply a heat-protectant before curling or straightening hair. When blow-drying hair make sure to use the lowest setting to do so.

6. Rinse and Condition in cold water
This simple trick will leave your hair looking more shiny and healthy! The cold water will seal in moisture so your hair will be able to keep all the benefits from your conditioner instead of just washing all of it off.

7. Don’t pull the hair!
If you already have fine hair, pulling the hair too much will lead to more damage. Avoid tight hairstyles, pulled-back ponytails, and extensions can all lead to more hair loss.

8. Be Careful when it’s wet!
Your hair is the most vulnerable when it’s wet, this is the time where it can fall out the easiest. Avoid brushing wet hair. When your hair is dry, use a wide-tooth brush and brush from the bottom up to avoid breakage.


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