5 Tips You’ll Ever Need to Gain Healthy Hair Roots

Since ages, humans throughout the world treasure healthy and beautiful hair as it embraces personality and boosts self-confidence. In the modern era, chemical based hair products, disease, and lack of healthy food intake lead us to serious hair problems. In fact, living in the bustling and stressful city like Singapore, we tend to forget and care less about our hair, making the hair loss problem even worse. So don’t wait until it’s too late and do something for the sake of your hair. Here are five tips on gaining healthy roots as they are the key to healthy hair.

1) Massage your scalp

Healthy scalp leads to healthy roots. Massage your scalp at least once every three days with warm oil. You can use any oil you like such as coconut oil, castor oil or olive oil. This method can improve blood circulation and nourish your capillaries so that they can carry more oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots.

2) Consume vitamins and protein

Your hair consists of protein, so fresh foods such as red meats, green vegetables, eggs, bananas, raisins and olive oils are the best for your hair. Make the most of the supplements such as Zinc and Iron. These vitamins are essential for a healthy scalp, but make sure to consult your doctor first.

3) Avoid too much heat

Exposing your hair to the heat often can make it weak and dry. Or even worse, it leads to hair root damage. Unfortunately, you can’t totally avoid the hot sun, especially in the tropical country of Singapore. So all that you can do is to stay under the shades if you don’t have any important business to do.

Not just that, using hair styling tools such as hairdryer and hair straightener can also bring harm to your hair. But if you still need to use them, make sure to choose the absolute low-heat setting. Lastly, don’t wash your hair with overly hot water. Always end your shower time with cool water instead.

4) Be careful with hair brush

Be careful, brushing your hair regularly can scratch your scalp accidentally and breaks healthy hairs, especially when your hair is wet. You don’t want to comb your hair for too long because it can pull out hairs that aren’t ready to fall out yet. But if you still need to style your hair, brush it gently.

5) Hair growth treatment and remedy

Do you know that you can easily find hair growth remedy ingredients in your kitchen? Honey, lemon juice, and garlic are great for your hair. Another easy-to-get ingredient is green tea. It is high in antioxidants that are beneficial for the hair. Just put the warm tea bag on your scalp and leave it for a while. If you do this regularly, you’ll find out that it cleanses your scalp. Eventually, it stimulates hair follicles, making your hair roots stronger and healthier at the same time.


Nevertheless, not all people can do their own hair therapy at home. In case you are one of them, you can immediately get some help from the hair experts in Singapore to do the hair growth treatment for you. They can offer several treatment plans that suit your hair growth needs, including hair roots treatment.

From eating healthy foods to getting the best supplements for your hair, there are many ways to keep your hair roots in the best condition. All you have to do is to start following at least one of the suggestions above.

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