Investing in a wood kitchen dining furniture requires a lot of thinking. A natural material like wood is beautiful and adds a warm, welcoming feel to any kitchen. It makes a stylishly designed piece to your home.

Nonetheless, you have to consider a few things in having wood pieces of furniture, such as its durability and maintainability. Here are things you have to keep in mind when buying wood furniture for your kitchen or dining area:

1. Wood Furniture Requires Extra Care

Avoid countertop cleaning products when cleaning your wood dining table or chairs. They contain chemicals that can soak into the wood grain and damage your furniture. If you want to re-polish your furniture, you can wipe it with a carnauba wax using a soft cloth.

2. Choose a Durable Wood Material

Softwood is more prone to scratches than hardwood. Pine wood is the cheapest among all wood types. However, this softwood is not very durable because it is very susceptible to grazes. Buy hardwood, such as mahogany, walnut, maple if you want a piece that will last a lifetime.

3. Weathered Wood Furniture Is Ideal for a Household with Kids

If you are worried that your children may unintentionally mark the table, better buy weathered wood. Their rustic look may not hide the scratches, but they somehow give a “tried and tested” feel that the grazes will no longer be a big deal.

4. Consider Wooden Tables with Detachable Legs

One of the cons of hardwood is that they are hard to transport. You may want to take this part into your buying checklist especially if you are the type of person who loves moving your furniture around. Fortunately, you can already score wooden dining tables with removable legs.

5. Decide on the Shape of Your Dining Table

The sharp angles of rectangular tables make them look formal. They are also ideal for spacious dining areas. But if you have young ones at home, avoid furniture with sharp edges and opt for round dining tables instead.

Have you seen a wood furniture that matches your style and preferences? Follow the tips above to make sure you’re getting what you pay for.

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