5 Strategies For Getting Excellent Results From A Revlite Laser Treatment For Face

Photorejuvenation with a Revlite laser in Singapore can create smooth, even-toned skin and a healthy, vibrant complexion. Whether you have unwanted freckles, brown spots, pigment lesions or moderate to severe acne scarring, this treatment can improve the look and texture of the dermis and foster higher levels of overall confidence. Laser treatment entails a measured and controlled form of skin damage that promotes the generation of new skin cells and increased collagen production. Through these efforts, damaged skin layers are gradually stripped away and replaced by healthy skin cells. The five tips that follow will help you get the best possible outcome from these procedures.


About RevLite treatment and some results

1. Establish feasible goals for your treatments.

The best candidates for laser therapy have good general health and feasible expectations. These processes take time and you may require several visits to obtain the level of aesthetic improvement that you want. Talk to your provider about the number of sessions that are necessary for fading any dark spots or other blemishes that you intend to target. With the Prive Vitale Revlite laser in Singapore, most freckles and dark spots will be eliminated with just one treatment. Some patients, however, may require two or more sessions depending upon the severity of their issues.


2. Carefully adhere to after care instructions.

aftercareYour provider will give you a well-defined set of steps to follow after your treatment is performed. Foremost among these will be to diligently avoid sun exposure. Laser treatments can cause pinpoint bleeding, swelling and inflammation at the targeted site along with mild tenderness. It can also cause flaking and peeling in instances in which the targeted issues are more severe and the treatment is more aggressive. Properly moisturising treated areas and practicing needs-specific skin care will help expedite the recovery process.


3. Choose a provider who can customise your procedure to your needs.

Some lasers are not customisable and are only capable of treating a very small range of moderate issues. A good laser technician will have the skills and equipment for customising your treatment to your own unique needs. A customisable, medical-grade laser will always provide better results than will simple, point-and-shoot technology.


4. Make sure your consultation is performed by your actual provider.

Scheduling a consultation visit with your actual provider is a vital part of ensuring optimal results. Laser treatment centers that have other professionals stand-in for these visits are not giving patients the best opportunity to get answers to any pre-treatment questions and concerns that they have.




This appointment will also give your provider a chance to study your aesthetic concerns and devise an individualised plan for resolving them.


5. Look for whole-face treatments rather than spot treatments.

Photorejuvenation for correcting aesthetic issues like pigment lesions, dark spots and widespread freckles are usually most effective when a whole-face approach is taken. Spot treatments may be cheaper, but they will not provide the best aesthetic benefits. A comprehensive focus will allow for the creation of a smooth, even and perfectly balanced complexion.




Laser treatments offer a non-invasive and relatively low-risk way to correct a broad range of aesthetic issues. Choosing the best professionals for these procedures will help you get an excellent outcome. With customised laser applications and good aftercare, you can look forward to beautiful skin and renewed confidence.

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