4 Important Pointers Before Getting Lasik Eye Surgery In Singapore

If you have plans on getting Lasik eye surgery in Singapore, there are certain things you need to do to prepare for the procedure. Generally speaking, you should visit a Lasik surgery clinic at least three months before your target date of treatment. This allows you to thoroughly go through all the consultations and tests that are required by the attending physician. If it’s your first time to go through the treatment, below are some pointers you should follow:


  1. Take the pre-surgery instructions seriously

During your consultations with the eye doctor, you will be instructed to go through several tests to determine if you are a good candidate for the surgery. It’s essential that you follow all of these tests and instructions. This is especially true if you are currently taking medications for another illness.

  1. You need to use eye drops before the surgery

In most cases, the doctor will prescribe you eye drops which you must use in the days or weeks before the scheduled surgery. These eye drops help in conditioning and strengthening your eyes so that they’ll be able to withstand the surgical process.

  1. Stop wearing contact lenses two to three weeks before the procedure

This is a step that a lot of patients tend to take for granted. You’ll have to ditch your contact lenses for a while to allow your eyes to heal and adjust naturally. The contact lenses have an effect on the eyes which might interfere with the procedure.

  1. Take a day off before the surgery

This is to make sure that nothing happens to your eyes which can sabotage the procedure. Let your eyes rest and apply eye drops to keep them moist. Avoid exposure to the elements like wind, rain, snow, and direct sunlight.


Lasik eye surgery is a very sensitive procedure which means you have to be fully prepared for it. There’d be fewer risks if you’re both physically and mentally ready for the surgery. Following all the practical pointers discussed above should be more than enough to prepare you for the treatment.

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