3 Great Ways to Eliminate Cellulite In Singapore

how-to-get-rid-of-cellulite-SmallIt is believed that cellulite only happens among women veering towards a heavier weight. But did you know that cellulite also commonly occurs among thinner women? It’s because fat deposits cause cellulite under the skin which appears to be dimpled and lumpy, and everyone regardless of lifestyle, age and gender may have it.

Women and men’s body contours in Singapore have a great impact on their aesthetics value. This is why it is best for you to understand the most common causes of cellulite so you may be able to search for the right treatment fit for your body as well. Some of these causes include:


  1. Lifestyle factor

Those who do not have a proper diet and active lifestyle are found to have visible cellulite appearing on their bodies. Smoking also contributes to the occurrence of cellulite.


  1. Genetics

Cellulite has been found to be linked to the genetics of an individual. This is because certain genes are needed for cellulite development.


  1. Hormonal Factors

Some hormones found to be associated with cellulite development include estrogen, thyroid hormones, insulin, and prolactin


Although cellulite may be stubborn, you may avail several treatments to help diminish its appearance, and they are all widely available in Singapore:

  • Heat Therapy

Fats react to heat as it melts them away. This is why heat therapy is a good option to eliminate cellulite. The heat treatment may be done in a variety of ways such as heat pads application, infrared energy, and radiofrequency.

  • Anti-cellulite creams

Although no medical research is yet to prove that anti-cellulite creams can eliminate cellulite, people who have opted for this type of treatment have sworn to the effectiveness of topical creams such as tretinoin and retinol in helping diminish its appearance.

  • Oral Medication

Some drugs could be used to combat cellulite. These drugs are intended to fight off fatty tissues. Indian chestnut, amino acid, and Ginkgo biloba are some of them.


Yes, cellulite may have quite an effect on the overall appearance of our skin but evaluating our lifestyle and habit may have an impact on its prevention. Otherwise, choosing from a wide array of treatment to help you deal with it may also be a great option, and the good news is, they are all available in Singapore.

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