3 Anti-Aging Tips For Asian Skin Care

asian skin careAs hard as we’ve tried to find it, the proverbial Fountain of Youth has evaded humans’ greatest efforts and remains an anomaly. This has not discouraged women, however, from  searching for the next best thing. Health care websites and magazines are bombarded from cover-to-cover with tips on how to look younger, feel better and age slower. We are obsessed with anti-aging; and every culture has it’s own concerns and, therefore, unique ways to fight the bandit called “time”. Asian women, who fit a stereotype of femininity, are not exempt from anti-aging efforts. Porcelain skin and rose petal cheeks make up the base for the “flawless”reputation that Asian women receive, but there are holes in these  stereotypes.

High melanin production protects the skin from UV rays but Asian women should not rely solely on their melanocytes. Though they produce greater levels of melanin, Asians have a thinner epidermal outer layer and are therefore greatly prone to aging lines, scarring and hyper-pigmentation (the usually harmless, but unattractive, skin condition of darkening in specific spots). Pair this natural sensitivity with a weak barrier against transepidermal water loss, the loss of moisture through the skin, and Asian women certainly have their fair share of concerns.

The following 3 tips can help the Asian community fight ‘Old Man Time’ and stay looking younger, longer. Luckily, some of these tips already make up the daily routine for  many of us!


What you place inside of your body will be reflected outside.

It is no secret that we are what we consume. A couple of ways the Asian community has fought off aging has been in their consumption of green tea and fruits.

Green tea contains anti-oxidants that fight cell degeneration. It has also been proven to improve blood flow, and fight off the double trouble twins, high cholesterol and heart disease. The benefits of green tea are numerous, and luckily it is a staple in Asian culture!


green tea benefits


Follow-up your diet with the addition of produce! Fruits are especially beneficial in adding vitamins, minerals and water content. They can be easily integrated in your diet in the form of smoothies or as a substitute for dessert!


Protect your body from the outside.

Our skin has many natural enemies but none have wreaked more havoc than the sun! Sun  protection is a general rule of thumb in skin care, but this is especially important to remember in southeast Asia, where climates border tropical and subtropical levels. Sunscreen and protective clothing are imperative.


sun protection


Follow a skin care routine.

Finally, after reading this article, it should not come as a surprise that Asian skin care routines are elaborate! Cleanser’s, toner’s, exfoliant’s and serum’s all fit as pieces of the puzzle. Each product combat a specific problem; cleanser’s should clear the pores without increasing dryness while serums and creams fight pigmentation problems.

A wonderful regiment can be constructed using Belif skincare in Singapore. Originally from Scotland, these products are herbal-based and wonderful for sensitive skin.




Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair also now adds extra protection from Eastern problems with a little Western technology! Add a few drops of this serum to your night time routine to reduce lines, moisturize skin and tone uneven color!


estee lauder night repair

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