6 Beauty Tips to Get You Through the Winter

Winter winds make your skin look chapped, and radaiators that are always on will suck the moisture right out of you. Check out these beauty tips to make sure that you maintain your glow even when the winter winds are blowing!

Happy Skin For Christmas!

Every person wants to have healthy skin. Unfortunately, there are many people who are lazy when it comes to skin care. If you have a busy life, taking care of your skin may not be at the top of your list of priorities. However, you may be surprised at the small amount of time a healthy skin regimen will cost you. It is really not very time consuming at all. Whether you like it or not, people judge you based on the appearance of your skin. If you show up for a date or a job interview with a few pimples on your face, you might not get a second date or a follow-up interview. Here are some easy tips you can incorporate into your daily routine to ensure your skin is always looking healthy and attractive.


Dr. Karen Soh graduated as a Raffles Top Scholar before going on to obtain a Bachelor of Medicine from National University of Singapore in 1997.  She has a wide spectrum of training in surgery, intensive care, obstetrics, gynaecology, ophthalmoloty and anaesthesia. Dr. Karen Soh founded Prive Clinic with a desire to help everyone, young and old, look and feel their best. She is trained in Botulinium Toxin A, fillers, lasers and light treatments and with many years of experience in this field, She has a strong intuition of what is best for each of her patients, and helped many patients realize their goals of aesthetic perfection.


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Healthy skin is youthful skin. Experience the true joy of looking good with clinically-proven machines and expert-guided skincare for perfect skin, inside and out.

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Loving comfort in private surroundings, personalised services and quick pick-me-up treatments, Privé’s non and minimally invasive procedures make their day in the office and nights out in town. Our experienced team, led by Dr. Karen Soh, believes in constant research, innovation and safety as being key in unlocking your true beauty inside out.

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I Can Only Make Others Happy If I Am Happy And Feeling Good About Myself.

by Crème Simon – Natural French Skin Care Since 1860.

EYECREAMRefrigerate Your Eye Cream

Placing your eye cream in your refrigerator will allow you to get more out of it. Rubbing the cold cream on your skin will cause your blood vessels to constrict. This will result in puffiness being reduced. For optimum results, you should always put the eye cream on your skin in the morning. If you choose to put the cream on at night, there is the possibility that the cream could get into your eyes and result in irritation and swelling. Ideally, you should try to find an eye cream that has caffeine as one of the ingredients. Caffeine is known to aid in the reduction of swelling. If you are trying to get rid of troublesome wrinkles and lines, you should look for creams that have peptidesor in them.


FruitAdd Antioxidants To Your Diet And Your Skin Care Regimen

Environmental pollutants can do severe damage to your skin. One of the best ways to protect your skin is to wage a war on two different fronts. You should start by using topical products that have retinol in them as a form of vitamin A, coffeeberry, vitamin C and vitamin E. Along with using these products on your skin, you should consume lots of vegetables and fruits. Doing both of these things will help to slow the development of inflammation, wrinkles and fine lanes. Free radical damage will also be slowed down. Start to pay close attention to what you eat. Try to have a breakfast that includes healthy fats, fiber and protein. This will help you in regulating your level of blood sugar during the day. They have been studies that suggest a rapid increase in blood sugar can lead to rashes, wrinkles and acne. Wearing Crème Simon Oxygenating Light Day Moisturizer will also soothe your skin and help to keep it moist.

CreamGently Exfoliate Your Skin On A Regular Basis

While expensive moisturizers and anti-aging creams can help to keep your skin looking youthful, experts in the skin care industry believe one of the most effective ways to keep your complexion looking great is by a regular regimen of exfoliation. Using a high quality exfoliating agent will help to slough off the layers of dead skin. It will also help to reduce the possibility that you will develop dry spots, acne and wrinkles. Your skin will maintain a glowing and healthy appearance. People who have a complexion that is sensitive and prone to breakouts of acne should avoid using a harsh scrub on a regular basis. As an alternative, a gentle microbead cleanser should be used twice every week. There are also textured cleansing pads available that offer an option that is even more gentle on your skin.